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How Hanwei produces their own fittings - in house

In-house Designed
Hanwei - Engraving
Hanwei is one of the only sword makers that produces all of their fittings (handle and scabbard components) in house. From design to production the entire process is handled at Hanwei, ensuring a high level of design, fit and finish. The fittings begin life as hand engraved wax, from those a precision mold is made to copy the original in every way.
Lost Wax Casting
Hanwei- Pouring - Lost Wax Casting
The precision molds are used to make positive wax copies of the originals, these are coated in a special sand mix in a multi-step process. The hardened sand casings are heated to melt the wax positives leaving a cavity ready for molten steel.
Hand Fitting
Hanwei - Finishing Hand Fitting
The solid steel and sand casings are broken apart, leaving a lot of clean-up work to prepare the part for fitting. Once complete blade meets fitting for the first time, each piece is hand adjusted as needed to ensure a proper fit and long life.

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